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Optimal servicing for your cleaner

Pressure Washer Repairs Melbourne

High pressure washer repairs and servicing Melbourne, Dandenong, Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

Specialising in high-pressure drain cleaning equipment and jetting machines.

When your high pressure washer costs thousands to replace, Crockford and Co has the perfect service and repair capability to keep it performing at its peak.

Would you run your new car for years without a service? Like any mechanical device, your high pressure cleaner and pump combination, and the accessories that go with it, need regular attention for them to deliver maximum performance and profits.

Is your equipment and business vulnerable?

We supply and service the best brands of high pressure technology the world can offer. But without regular servicing, you could leave yourself and your business vulnerable.

Talk to us about the economies you can achieve through our regular scheduled service program. If you’re having issues with engine and pump performance, it could be due to causes such as:

• faulty or fouled spark plugs

• failed oil viscosity

• low pressure

• blocked or dysfunctional air filters and other factors

Scheduled service checks

We recommend regular, scheduled service checks every 50 to 100 hours of operation to maintain your cleaners and pumps in prime condition. We also carry out diagnostic tests on engines 10 or more years old. That way you can make an early and informed decision on repairing or replacing your asset.

Think of it as a health check for the technology that could play a vital part in your business. If you’re searching for pressure washer repairs Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

Call Crockford and Co for honest, accurate and time and money saving solutions to all your high pressure washer repairs and servicing needs in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.


High pressure washer repairs and servicing Melbourne, Dandenong, Frankston & Mornington Peninsula | Pressure Washer Repairs Melbourne

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