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Drain Cleaning Jetters & Accessories

Aussie King Cobra

5,000psi @ 20L/min.  Aussie high pressure drain cleaning equipment have revolutionised the way that blocked drains are cleared. The Cobra range makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots with a unique Turbo Root Mulcher nozzle. It vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a super high powered spinning water jet.

BAR Van Mount Jetter (BAR5027G)

Genuine Honda Professional Engine.

60m of 1/4" drain cleaning hose & Mustang

7 piece nozzle box including root cutter.

50L stainless steel water tank & 25L Petrol Tank.

Aussie Cobra Loc

Secure your Jetters with the Aussie Cobra Loc. Easy to bolt down and simple to remove jetter for service.

Nozzles, Hoses & Accessories

Mustang Nozzles

• Brass and Stainless Steel Quick Release

• Predator Penetrating Nozzle Complete

• Negotiator Thruster Nozzle Complete

• Negotiator Penetrator Nozzle

• Compressor Invader Nozzle Complete

• Compressor with Adaptor

• Root Rat Nozzle Complete

• Bullet Invader Nozzle Complete

• Root Ranger Nozzle

• Nozzle Spanner and Tip Cleaner

• 3 Swage Tails

Melbourne Distributer of Mustang Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Mustang Mini Reels

• Statinless Steel Electro-Polished Frame

• Powder-Coated Reel with 9000psi wp Swivel

• 60m Premium Bluflex Jet Hose

• Mustang Stainless Steel Quick Release Coupler

  on hose end

• 3 Brass Mustang Quick Couplers on rack

• Rubber Grip Handle

• Balanced Carrying Point

• Sturdy base design

• Curved base to prevent leg injury when carrying

• Extended cast handle making isolation

  operation easy

• Heavy Duty Isolation Valve

• High Pressure Cast Stainless Tee

• Mustang Pressure Gauge with Spike Arrestor

• Hose protection spiral wrap to prevent hose


Mustang Hoses & Accessories

Premium jetting hoses that have been tried and tested by plumbers for many years.


Extremely flexible hoses that will negotiate bends and traps with ease.


Super tough outer coating combined with a flexible inner core.


Sizes start at 1/8” whip hoses with nozzle and connector up to 3/8” hoses.


Mustang Platinum Hoses alos available along with all Mustang Jetting accessories.

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